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We want you to know why we are here and we have to offer. We have spent many years working in the world of coaching as business and personal coaches and organizing certification programs in several countries.


Throughout this journey we realized that the business world expected that coaching will help you to work not only soft skills but help you improve specific aspects of business.


This is where we have specialized, in business coaching, so we design a model of coaching that we call "Business Coaching" with a totally practical and a very high added value for corporate clients.


Eventually we realized that we could teach this model, but we were not there, we obtain a license from the association founded by Thomas Leonard, the International Association Of Coaching ® in order to include the IAC Coaching Masteries ® within our programs!


Now you have in front of you the brand new Business School Of Coaching ® and we invite you to be part of this new opening world, the world of Professional Business Coaching.

¿Quiénes Somos?
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