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We are the first global business coaching school to certify professionals in business coaching, we strongly believe in the potential of coaching in the business world and there is where ... read more


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Descripción del coaching de negocios
¿What Is Business Coaching?​

Sure you hear the word coaching so frequently  and obviously it happens because this term is in, mass media mention it permanently, business people and entrepreneurs talk about it, but do you really know what coaching is? ... . read more


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Our certification programs are focused in a strong business approach, we train competent professionals who can add value to their corporate clients ... read more

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Code of Ethics

We are part of the International Association Of Coaching ® founded by Thomas Leonard, who is considered the father of modern coaching, one of our obligations as members of this important partnership is to respect the code of ethics. We would like you to know this because if you choose to study with us it will be an important part of your everyday life ... read more

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