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coaching ejecutivo, coaching de negocios

Introduction to the IAC Code of Ethics

There are coaches specializing in different areas (staff / life and corporate / business) but all of 

them with the same goal: to help their customers. A coach is formed by a school or a mentor and he adds  his personal experience to create  his own professional personality without losing the focus of coaching.


A coach can use a variety of titles, ranging from coach to consultant to lecturer. Although each 

coach measures his progress by his own and different way, achievement is always measured by the progress of his clients. Due to the custom nature of most coaching relationships, this Code of Ethics establishes the framework and values ​​on which professional coaches base their practice.


The purpose of this Code has three main effects:


First, it establishes the principles and values ​​to which the coach is subscribed. These include 

confidentiality and concern for the welfare and customer success.


Second, it sets standards to be used in many specific situations that a coach can find.


Finally, the Code is intended to serve as a solid foundation of ethical and moral standards of the coach.


Although each coach personally agrees to follow this code, we suggest complement and add 

items in order to build a lifelong commitment to ethical and professional coaching.


Download Code of Ethics IAC (English version)